Permanent Makeup

Rumirs Day Spa is the perfect place to explore the convenience and comfort of micropigmentation, commonly known as permanent makeup. Fees vary based on the extent and detail of deisred treatments. A consultation with a Rumirs Permanent Cosmetics specialist will help you decide precisely the treatment for you.

Facts about Permanent Cosmetics

  • Permanent makeup allows you the option to enhance your natural features or to create a dramatic effect. The choice is yours.
  • For the busy woman-on-the-go, permanent makeup saves time and money while giving a glamorous look without the daily makeup hassle.
  • It is ideal for the woman who is allergic to cosmetics currently sold on the market. Also some commercial makeup or certain brands may be irritating to the eyes and facial skin.
  • Permanent makeup is also perfect for people with poor eyesight, unsteady hands, confinement to bed and other handicaps that make it difficult or impossible to apply makeup properly.
  • Permanent makeup can be as soft or as dramatic as you desire.